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The Apex Effect is about you. Your success. Your life. Your potential

You started your business for success, profit, and freedom.

Unfortunately, many business owners find that they have none of those. But you are not like other business owners.

Every day, you have choices. These Apex moments of opportunity are what separate the successful from the rest.

The better you are at reading change, hitting the Apex, and using it to power forward...the more success you will have.

Success takes mental skill, a powerful team, and effective leadership to get the most out of these moments.

Brett Judd helps you discover your Apex Effect moments of potential.

His powerful programs break the barriers that stop individuals and organizations from taking advantage of opportunity and what it can bring. And...they will help you too.

Success is not about new policy or programs. It is about getting rid of outdated systems, leveraging what you have now, and maximizing the potential of your organization

To get you the greatest results fast... Brett's approach is hands on, personal, and unique to you.

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Success is an inside game. The greatest Apex Moment happens inside when you eliminate the barriers that have stood in the way of your potential.


Is business beating you down?  Some researchers argue that over 75% of all entrepreneurs are fighting the mental stress and strain of business with anxiety, depression, or more....


The greatest success comes from highly empowered interdependent teams who are autonomous to take action and excel in their roles. Are yours? 

Discover SPEED, PROFIT, and FREEDOM with The Apex Effect
When you discover YOUR Apex Effect you will quickly find...

- INCREASED PROFITABILITY from teams that perform and transform your business and clients experience. 

- PEACE OF MIND from an organization that works for you not because of you. End the stress of management and enjoy what you have created.

- SPEED in taking advantage of opportunities that bring the most return!

POWER so often lost because of the barriers stopping your success.

- A CLEAR VISION of what you desire, and why you want it. Without vision, there is only stress.

- TRACTION. Stop spinning wheels and spending hours starring at the walls wondering what to do next. 

- THRILL in knowing how to master the inner barriers and the obstacles that have held you back from the success and the happiness you desire.

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Meet Brett M. Judd MSW

Whether you are looking for leadership, team development, or personal success coaching - Brett has a created programs that transform your business and your life.

Brett has been called a Business Therapist, because he has taken his knowledge and skill of human psychology and group dynamics learned as a therapist and applied the transformation principles to business.

Brett will help you create a thriving business that actually brings you what you want from life. Learn more ---->  



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